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Version 1.8.0 (released 16/10/2008)
New: (Pro) Multiple destinations selection; now you can send a project to multiple FTPs, e-mails or disk copied locations.
Fix: Under certain circumstances a not enough disk space warning prevented to make the backup.
Fix: Preview backup: total size to compress bad display when over 2 Gb.
Fix: Backup window: total size to compress bad display when over 2 Gb.
Fix: All data file writing moved to Data Path (Vista compatibility issue).
New: Disk space cheking now skipped if launched in batch mode.
Fix: FTP transfer progress %, was showing 1% instead of 10%, 20%, etc.
Fix: "Hours" column in backup progress window was not wide enough if AM/PM format was used.
Change: Duration and compressed size summary now displays immediately after completion.
Change: Secondary progress bar now shows only for files over size 1 Mb.
New: Reminder window for license expiration.

Version 1.7.000 (released 01/09/2007)
New: (Pro) Totally new FTP engine (faster upload and better handling of errors).
New: (Pro) SMTP mail send now informs the status of the message upload.
New: (Pro) Manually send individual backup file to FTP, from "Available Backups" Tab.
New: "Preview" and "Backup" windows now has two new columns with date and time.

Version 1.6.010 (released 25/08/2007)
New: (Pro) Send completed backup by FTP.
New: (Pro) Send completed backup by e-mail (MAPI or SMTP).
New: (Pro) On backup with errors, send warning by e-mail (MAPI or SMTP).
New: (Pro) Extended filtering options on Project Components.
New: Individual Mask length increased from 20 to 64 characters, to allow masking of long names.
New: Improved Toolbar icons.
New: Toolbar icons for "Preferences", "Exit" and "Help" options.

Version 1.6.009 (released 17/08/2007)
New: Recompiled with Clarion 7.
New: (Pro) "Pro" version graphically identified both in Main window and About window.
New: Version now identified on main window.

Version 1.6.008 (released 11/08/2007)
Fix: Speed problem when building file list.

Version 1.6.006 (released 06/08/2007)
New: To preserve compatibility with legacy users, the data path is now optional (You can choose the data path you want).

Version 1.6.005 (released 05/08/2007)
New: Now InBack is totally Vista aware. The data for InBack is saved to COMMON_DOCUMENTS which normally would be at c:\Users\Public\Documents\Huenuleufu Development\Inback in Vista.
Note: If you upgrade from a previous version you may want to preserve your previous data, you'll have to move it manually from the program's folder to the folder mentioned above.

Version 1.6.004 (released 04/08/2007)
New: Popup Tray Menu backup quick launch options increased from 5 to 20.
New: Added "Back to tray" option for Popup Tray Menu.
New: Empty slots erased from Popup Tray Menu.
New: Command line options for direct launch increased from 5 to 20.
New: Added number of project to the main list.
Change: Command line options for direct launch now launch project by number (i.e. /1 launch project number 1 instead of project last used).
New: (Pro) Option for exclude "windows" folders from root backup for a given project.
New: (Pro) Option for exclude files before a date for a given component group.
New: Resizable windows.

Version 1.6.003 (released 02/08/2007)
Improved: Windows entry for path, extended from 100 to 255 characters.

Version 1.6.000 (released 01/08/2007)
New: Command line options for direct backup launch.
Improved: File path support internally extended up to 512 characters.
New: Setup Builder Installer.
New: Help in CHM format.
New: Support for IE7 and Vista virtual folders (Those folders were previously issuing an error, and interrupting the file selection).

Huenuleufu took over development of the InBack backup program, which is succesfully working since 1998. Jeff Slarve (JS Software), the original developer of InBack, has for many years intended to improve and work on InBack. Because of his work obligations, it had become more and more apparent that he would never find the amount of time that would be necessary to be able to improve InBack as much as he and his customers wanted.  Because of this, he has transferred the sales and development of InBack to Huenuleufu Development, along with a sizable list of user suggestions and feature requests.




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