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What is InBack?

InBack backs up groups of files safely and with minimal effort.  

Why InBack?

* It's easy - Once you set up a project, you can launch a backup with a single click from a pop-up menu.

* You may forget, but InBack won't - Set the "reminder" and you will be prompted to make another backup at the desired interval, when the data changed.

* Better safe than sorry - Send your backup to multiple destinations once completed, even FTP or e-mail, and automatically duplicate your backup file to other devices.

* Restore exactly what you need - Restore a complete backup or selected files only, and to the folder you specify.

* Flexible:  Backup from local drives, mapped network drives and removeable drives.  
* Reliable:  Never lose a backup.  Old backups are automatically renamed.  
* Extensible:  Unlimited number of archived backups.  
* Organized:  Backups organized by project.  
* Dependable:  Automatic e-mail notification of backup failures.  
* Automatic:  Launch unattended backups.   
* Compatible:  Works with Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP and Vista families.  



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