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For any contact you need, send an e-mail to Jorge Alejandro Lavera.
Support is given either in English or Spanish.

We do custom development works.
We have a great team of Clarion programmers directed and supervised by Jorge A. Lavera that can do regular Clarion programming. Template programming, Legacy-to-ABC conversion, TPS to SQL conversion and migration to Clarion 6.3 and Clarion 7.x from any version at very affordable rates. Our team can do the work on our own equipment, or in yours (by remote access) if security is a concern.
We don't work in one central location, we have a central office but each programmer work at his home. So we have a highly motivated team with top experience in remote working (in whatever modality), and we focus on results.
We took customer's business very seriously. Each programmer that work with us signs a NDA and copyright agreement, and of course we have no problem to sign one for you: regarding security, we store everything on our own server (which is secured in our office), not in a server somewhere in the internet, and in extreme cases we can do work by remote instead of on our machines (that happens usually at first until the customer see we are reliable). The only problem with the remote approach is that is slower, obviusly, however, the customer can rest easy that nothing will be out of his machine. If we copy anything here, anyway, it is secured and as said, no one outside the authorized persons could possible access it.
For the works, we can make teams of programmers according with the urgency. We charge by the hour... the hour price can be negotiated according with the urgency and the number of hours. The more hours per month, we can lower the hourly price, the more urgency, the less discount.
We normally don't charge on advance, we do some job, and progress from there. We collect monthly, normally using bank wire tranfers (they are the best fit for transfers above U$S 1000). We make weekly or biweekly reports with a detail of all the hours consumed, that you can approve or object.


Jorge A. Lavera started programming around 1985 and is a Clarion developer since 1992. From 1994 to 1995 he was working as official Clarion support for Argentina. So far he developed administrative systems for commerce and ISO-9000 industries on several countries, as well as templates for Clarion.

Mailing address:

(1414) Ciudad Autónoma Buenos Aires
Capital Federal


(5411) 4833-7708

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