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Version 1.7.000 (released 01/09/2007)

New: (Pro) Totally new FTP engine (faster upload and better handling of errors).

New: (Pro) SMTP mail send now informs the status of the message upload.

New: (Pro) Manually send individual backup file to FTP, from "Available Backups" Tab.

New: "Preview" and "Backup" windows now has two new columns with date and time.


Version 1.6.010 (released 25/08/2007)

New: (Pro) Send completed backup by FTP.

New: (Pro) Send completed backup by e-mail (MAPI or SMTP).

New: (Pro) On backup with errors, send warning by e-mail (MAPI or SMTP).

New: (Pro) Extended filtering options on Project Components.

New: Individual Mask length increased from 20 to 64 characters, to allow masking of long names.

New: Improved Toolbar icons.

New: Toolbar icons for "Preferences", "Exit" and "Help" options.

New: Auto file upgrade from any version to current one.


Version 1.6.009 (released 17/08/2007)

New: Recompiled with Clarion 7.

New: (Pro) "Pro" version graphically identified both in Main window and About window.

New: Version now identified on main window.


Version 1.6.008 (released 11/08/2007)

Fix: Speed problem when building file list.


Version 1.6.006 (released 06/08/2007)

New: To preserve compatibility with legacy users, the data path is now optional (You can choose the data path you want).


Version 1.6.005 (released 05/08/2007)

New: Now InBack is totally Vista aware. The data for InBack is saved to COMMON_DOCUMENTS which normally would be at c:\Users\Public\Documents\Huenuleufu Development\Inback in Vista.

Note: If you upgrade from a previous version you may want to preserve your previous data, you'll have to move it manually from the program's folder to the folder mentioned above.


Version 1.6.004 (released 04/08/2007)

New: Popup Tray Menu backup quick launch options increased from 5 to 20.

New: Added "Back to tray" option for Popup Tray Menu.

New: Empty slots erased from Popup Tray Menu.

New: Command line options for direct launch increased from 5 to 20.

New: Added number of project to the main list.

Change: Command line options for direct launch now launch project by number (i.e. /1 launch project number 1 instead of project last used).

New: (Pro) Option for exclude "windows" folders from root backup for a given project.

New: (Pro) Option for exclude files before a date for a given component group.

New: Resizable windows.


Version 1.6.003 (released 02/08/2007)

Improved: Windows entry for path, extended from 100 to 255 characters.


Version 1.6.000 (released 01/08/2007)

New: Command line options for direct backup launch.

Improved: File path support internally extended up to 512 characters.

New: Setup Builder Installer.

New: Help in CHM format.

New: Support for IE7 and Vista virtual folders (Those folders were previously issuing an error, and interrupting the file selection).