jsbu32x32 What is InBack?

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InBack is a high performance tool designed to help computer users safeguard their precious files during the course of day-to-day work.  Although many people do a daily backup of their files (at least they are supposed to), it is quite possible for something to happen during the day which could ruin hours and hours worth of work.  Tragedies such as program crashes, human error, hardware failure, bad luck, and others can render your hard work useless.  Before InBack you would have had to restore from the last full backup in order to recover.


When something is quick and easy, a person is much more likely to take the time to do it. InBack provides the computer user with a way to save their more important files in a quick and easy way. InBack uses a "project system."  This means that you tell In Back which files belong to your project. All of those files can be quickly and safely backed up as frequently as desired.  Any time that you are about do something to your work requiring a lot of changes or that could potentially "break" something, all you have to do is press a button in InBack and your work will be saved to that point in time. In addition, every time that you back up, a new backup file is created. You don't have to worry about accidentally overwriting your last good backup. When the number of backups for that project hits the max limit (that you specify), the oldest backup files are deleted from the disk for you automatically.


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