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Sending a backup file by FTP


This is a handy way of maintain your backup files safer than ever. By sending them by ftp to a remote location, they will be safe even in the event of a total catastrophe at your backup location.

This may be also used to share files among different sites.

The FTP upload process starts in its own thread, which means that while it is running, you can continue using InBack for other tasks.

Send FTP and Send EMail are not exclusive, you can use both features at the same time for the same backup.





A. Action to take when backup is completed.


1. Send Without Asking: Immediately after the backup is completed, the backup file is uploaded to the nominated ftp site. Use this when you run unattended backups or when you are sure you always want to send the backup by ftp.


2. Ask Before Send: When the backup is completed, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to upload your backup file. Use this when you not always send the backup to a ftp site.



If you press Do Not Send, the backup is not uploaded. If you press Send, the backup proceeds.


3. Do Not Send (Default): No action is taken when the backup is completed, the whole Tab is ignored.



B. FTP Server information. Your FTP connection information.


1. Server Name: The FTP server name or IP number to connect to.


2. User Name: Your login user name.


3. Password: Your login password. Most ftp servers have case sensitive passwords.


4. Directory: In case you want to upload your file inside a specific folder, you can type it here.



C. If target already exists. When the ftp transmission starts, the uploading backup file may already exists with the same name in the destination ftp. You have the following options:


1. Do Not Send: Aborts the transmission, preserving the target file, although the backup file is not remotely saved.


2. Overwrite: Deletes the existing file overwriting it with the current one.


3. Prompt New Name: Asks you to rename the uploading file.


4. Rename automatically: Adds a random number as suffix to the actual name, so the existing file is preserved and the current one is uploaded with a new name.



Send by FTP process.


When your ftp upload process starts, you will see the following window:



Press Close to interrupt the file transfer.

If the ftp connection fail for whatever reason, the ftp send process will retry it 3 times unless you press the close button before.

If the connection cannot be established, verify that the ftp site is up and running, and that you entered the proper data for the Server name, User Name, Password and Directory above.

The first time the ftp upload starts, you will receive a warning from Windows asking you to unlock the connection. You have to do it, otherwise the connection cannot take place.

Warning: Do not close the main InBack program while the transfer is in progress, otherwise the upload will be aborted.



PRO-150 This is a Pro version only feature.



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