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Favorites Folders are copies of backup files that you want to permanently archive. Backups in Favorites Folders are not overwritten allowing you to keep important backups of your project at various stages of the project. However, because the backup files that you place in the Favorites Folders typically have names like DOCS0001.LSP it is difficult for you to know what separates this backup from another one, for instance if DOCS0001.LSP is version 1 of your project then you may want to rename the backup from DOCS0001.LSP to Version 1.LSP (Please note that you must always use the extension of LSP to associate the file with an InBack backup. Only files associated with a Favorites Folder can be renamed.


Note: A Favorites Folder directory should never be the directory where your normal backups are being kept. If you delete a backup in  InBack then the backup will be deleted from the normal backup folder and the Favorites Folder.


_bm4 For a more detailed look at Favorites Folders click here.


To rename a Favorites Folder backup follow these instructions:


1.From the Projects tab select the Favorites Folder by clicking on it with the mouse.
2.Click on the Available Backups tab.
3.Right mouse click on the file you want to rename and choose Rename (Single File) from the context menu.
4.Type in the new filename in the New Filename box of the Rename File window.
5.Click on the OK button.




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