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The Prefix is 4 unique characters used in the naming of the backup files for a particular project. All of the backup filenames beginning with this 4 character prefix and are numbered from 1 to the maximum files allowed by the project. For example, if a prefix is "ABCD" and the maximum files allowed for the project are 10, all of the backup files will be named as such:


ABCD0001.LSP                ABCD0006.LSP

ABCD0002.LSP                ABCD0007.LSP

ABCD0003.LSP                ABCD0008.LSP

ABCD0004.LSP                ABCD0009.LSP

ABCD0005.LSP                ABCD0010.LSP


The "LSP" at the end represents that this is an LSPack file. LSPack is the compression library used by In Back. For more information about the LSPack file format, visit



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