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What is a Mask Theme?

Mask themes are a way to store commonly used file extensions for use in a project.  When a new project is created, you can use a mask theme to fill in the mask for you. Masks are just filters for the files that you want InBack to backup. For example, if you want to backup all files with the name of Temp.Txt you would use the mask temp.txt. However, if you want to backup all files with the extension txt regardless of the filename which appears on the left side of the period you would use the asterisk wild card on the left side of the period as in *.txt. If you wanted to backup all files that have the extension txt and start with the letters te then you would use te*.txt as the mask. *.* will back up all files.


Why create a Mask Theme?


If you have the same types of files in different projects or different directories that you routinely backup you can create a file mask theme that can be used to quickly create a new project without having to type in the masks each time.


To edit or create mask themes, click on the Edit from the main menu, and then choose Mask Themes. A window with a list box will be displayed. The first time the list box is displayed there will be no mask themes to edit so you will have to create at least one mask theme before you can edit.




1.To add a new Mask Theme, press the Insert button.
2.To edit an existing Mask Theme, select the desired Mask Theme on the list box then click Change (once a theme has been created).
3.To delete a Mask Theme, select the desired Mask Theme then press Delete.


For more detailed instructions on editing Mask Themes, please click here.


When adding or changing a Mask Theme, an update window will appear where you can enter the name, mask, and other details about the item. This window is very similar to the Adding a Project Component window. Like the Adding a project Component window, you can use the Mask Builder to help create your mask. Once created, the Mask Themes can be selected from the down arrow button on the Adding a Project Component screen.


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