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What is a Favorites Folder?


A Favorites Folder is a special directory where you can put any backup files that you want to permanently archive. For example, if you have just done a backup of a project and you want to be able to save that particular backup file for long term, you can copy that backup file to a Favorites Folder. By doing so, you are protecting that file from being cycled, and eventually deleted, by the normal operation of the backup which deletes the oldest backup when the max has been reached. Typically, a Favorites Folder would be used for saving special versions of your work. For example, if you are a programmer and have just finished a milestone piece of work such as Version 1.5, you can copy the latest backup to a Favorites Folder for safekeeping. This way, you will easily be able to manage various versions of a program or other project.

A Favorites Folder can also be used to restore backups that were send from somewhere else (for example, using ftp). You may create a Favorites Folder pointing to your ftp folder, and when you receive an InBack file from another location you can restore it in your own machine. This is useful for transferring files among different sites.


Note: A Favorites Folder directory should never be the directory where your normal backups are being kept. If you delete a backup in  InBack then the backup will be deleted from the normal backup folder and the Favorites Folder.


On the Projects tab all Favorites Folder will be displayed in red type. The files in a Favorites Folder are all listed, no matter what the files prefix is. Files from any project can be copied into a Favorites Folder, and can be renamed to anything that you want. They do have to have the file extension LSP, but that is the only requirement. Remember Favorites Folder backup files are never cycled like the Normal backup files, they won't be deleted.


You must create the Favorites Folder before you can copy any backup files to it.


How to create a Favorites Folder

1.Click on the New Projects icon above the Projects tab.




2.In the New Project window select “Favorites” Folder and then click OK.




3.In the Update Favorites Folder window type in the Name that you want to call your Favorites Folder. The Name is limited to 20 characters.
4.Type in the Location where you want your Favorites Folder to be. If you select a directory that does not exist InBack will create the directory. Each Favorites Folder that you create should be in it’s own unique directory. You can search for the directory by using the Browse (...) button.
5.Type in any descriptive notes in the Notes section. Notes can be up to 1,000 characters.
6.Click on the OK button when finished.


_bm4        For more information on making changes to a Favorites Folder, please click here.



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