FtpUp Error Notify (Pro)

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Sending an e-mail with a warning if the backup fails.


You may want to use unattended backups. In that case, you can use an e-mail warning message if the backup fails for whatever reason.




A. When backup is completed with errors.


1. Send Mail: The e-mail is sent automatically after the backup fails to complete. For MAPI mails you may need to open your client mail to effectively send the message, so you may want to use SMTP for this kind of messages. You choose if you want MAPI or SMTP in the Send Email Tab.


2. Do Not Send: No action is taken when the backup fails.



B. Mail content (Valid for both MAPI and SMTP).


1. Email: The destination e-mail address. This could be yourself in a different location.


2. Text: The body of the message. The backup file is not going to be attached to the message. Here you can put a warning text for the destination user.



PRO-150 This is a Pro version only feature.



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