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When in Backup files for the Selected Project, you can copy a file to a Favorites Folder or any other directory by right clicking on the selected file in the list box.  A small pop up menu will open, where you can select Copy (Single File) to Other Directory. Once this item is selected, a window will appear where you can enter a new location and filename. Clicking the down arrow on the entry, will drop a list of your Favorites folders. Simply select one, and press OK to copy the file. You can enter a different, more descriptive filename before copying if you desire. You can rename the file at another time by going into the favorites folder.


Note: A Favorites Folder directory should never be the directory where your normal backups are being kept. If you delete a backup in  InBack then the backup will be deleted from the normal backup folder and the Favorites Folder.


How to copy a backup file to a Favorites Folder

1.From the Projects tab select the project that has the backup you want to save.
2.From the Available Backups tab select the backup file you want to save.
3.Right mouse click on the selected backup file.
4.Select Copy (Single File) to Other Directory from the context menu.




5.Click on the down arrow button to bring up a list of your Favorites Folders.
6.Select the Favorites Folder that you want and press the OK button to copy the file.


_bm4        For information on creating a Favorites Folder, please click here.


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