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The Changing a Project window is identical to the Adding a Project window with one major difference. The Changing a Project window will already have settings and properties for an existing project that can be modified.


_bm4        For more information on Creating a New Project please click here.


There are three ways to get to the Changing a Project window. All three require that you highlight the Project that you want to modify first on the Projects tab. The three ways are:

1.From the Edit menu select Projects and then select Change Selected Project.
2.Right mouse click on the selected project and select Change.
3.Double click on the selected project or press the Enter key on your keyboard.


The Changing a Project window is divided into two parts, Project Properties and Project Components.


Changing the Project Properties

In the Project Properties section you tell InBack where to place your back up and what to call it. There are several important fields that you must fill in.


1.In the box labeled Name field, you can change the name of this project. The name should represent whatever stuff you intend to save in this backup.
2.The Prefix field cannot be changed. The prefix is a UNIQUE 4 character combination. This prefix is used in the naming of your backup files. Since this is an existing backup, changing the prefix would disassociate the previous backups with this backup, so therefore, this field is not changeable, once created. If the prefix is what you want to change than it is advisable to create a new project.
3.The Destination Path is the location where you would like your backup files to be located. To change the destination path click on the browse button (...) to find a new path. The path can be a subdirectory on your hard disk, a network drive, or a removable drive. It is not recommended that you use a floppy drive because of speed and size issues.


Note: Remember, if you use a location on your hard disk as the destination path, then your backup files will be lost if there is a hardware failure. 


4.Max Backups is the maximum number of backup files that you would like InBack to store. By default, the number is 20, but you can enter your own number.  After the maximum number of backup files is created, the oldest files are automatically deleted. You should enter a number based on how frequently you make changes, how far back in time that you would like to be able to revert, and how much available disk space you have.
5.Notes is a place where you can enter descriptive information about this project. Anything that you place in the Notes section will automatically be saved and added to the archive Comments every time that you execute a backup.



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