litening Back up (Project)

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Once a project has been setup, backups can then be performed. Each time a backup is executed, a new, separate, backup file is created and stored for you to view (and possibly use) on the Available Backups tab. The individual files for any a particular backup can be viewed on the Backup Details tab.  The files are renamed according to it's prefix.


Executing a Backup




1.To execute a backup click on the project that you wish to backup on the Projects tab.
2.Click on the icon with the green right arrow, or, select Execute Backup for Selected Project under File on the main menu. The Back Up Project window will open and the backup process will begin. InBack will begin compressing and backing up the files according to your backup criteria for the project.


_bm4        You can have InBack remind you to execute a backup on a regular basis. For more on this feature, please click here.


The amount of time that this takes depends on the level of complexity and the number of files in the project.  After the file list is built, the backup automatically starts. As each file is added to the backup, a check mark will show next to the file to indicate that it was successfully added. If there is a problem with a file, then a red "X" will show next to the file. The most common reason that an error might occur is that the file being backed up is still opened by another application. If an error occurs, you should make sure that no other application has the file open, then try executing the backup again.




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