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* Projects - Uses a "Project" system which allows you to specify only the importantfiles that you want to backup. Within a project, you specify:

  • Recursing of subdirectories
  • File masking (using wildcards such as *.txt, account*.xls, ??.doc, etc..) to save all files of a certain type.
  • Optional exclusion of certain file types (such as *.bak, etc.)

* Flexibility - Backs up to any target medium that you specify, including hard disks, network drives, zip drives, Jaz drives, Syquest, and any other type of media that can be mapped to a drive letter. Note: Because of the nature of the way that "InBack"™ operates, Floppy disks are not suitable backup media.


* Smart! - Creates multiple backup files for each project, allowing you to specify the maximum number of backups that exist on your target media. This is one of the more powerful features of "InBack".

  • Each time a backup is performed (which can be as often as you like) a fresh new backup file is created, and all backup files are re-named in chronological order.
  • When the backup files are renamed, it always follows a scheme of which the 1st 4 characters are a "Prefix" that is unique to this project, and the last 4 characters are numbers. For example, if the 4 character prefix for your project is 'ABCD', then you always know that 'ABCD0001.LSP' is the most recent backup. You can then progressively follow the backups back into time by going to the next higher number. (e.g. 'ABCD0001.LSP', 'ABCD0002.LSP', 'ABCD0003.LSP','ABCD0004.LSP'....)
  • After the maximum number of backups (specified by the user) is reached,    the oldest backups are deleted as the new ones are created. You can      specify any amount for the maximum backups, but we recommend around  20 or so.


* Compression - Uses the highly efficient "LS_Pack" compression library for the creation of the backup files. "LS_Pack" is very fast, reliable, and makes the possible use of disk space. For more information about "LS_Pack", visit Linder Software. If you are a software developer and need compression functionality in your application, then "LS_Pack" is something that you must see.


* Friendly - "InBack" is a Win 32-bit program, which is "friendly" to other programs running on your system, and takes very little system resources.


* Can reside in the taskbar icon tray, and optionally remind you to backup your current project at a time interval that you specify.


* Handy - "Favorites Folders" where you can copy backup files to or receive files from other locations. If you have finished an important part of a computer project (such as a version number, or document revision), and want to save this backup indefinately, you can copy the backup file to a "favorites folder". When a backup is inside a "favorites folder", it can be re-named, comments can be added, and the backup won't get "cycled" like a normal "InBack" backup would be.


* Personal - Each "InBack" backup file has a "comments" section, where you can enter information specific to this backup file.


* Configurable - You can set many different aspects of the behavior of "InBack", such as level of compression, speed optimization, sounds, reminder time, and more.


* Reusable - There is a place where you can list all of your commonly used file masks, such as *.txt, *.doc, *.xls, *.app, *.dct, etc...  You can choose from this list of masks when using the "Mask Builder", so that you have to do little/no typing when setting up a new project. There is also something called "Mask Themes", which are commonly used groupings of file masks. These "Mask Themes" allow you to bring a combination of masks for commonly used project types.


* Professional - Send your backups to remote locations via FTP or e-mail (MAPI or SMTP). Use them to interchange files with your work team. Keep your backups safe uploading them to remote servers.




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